Licorice is a plant with the botanical name Glycyrrhiza glabra. The juice is extracted from the root of this plant, reduced into a solid form, and then shaped into our small lozenges.

Licorice is one of the oldest and best known remedial plants. Licorice has been used for the past 35 centuries by many different civilizations around the world for its therapeutic values. Glycyrrhiza glabra is one of the most scientifically tested plants.

Healers and physicians across the various ages of history found in licorice healthy energy to alleviate man’s suffering. Licorice is a classic in preparations addressing respiratory and digestive complaints and it is present in pharmacy dispensaries all over the world.

Our premium wild crafted licorice originates from Italy, where it grows spontaneously and free of chemicals.

OrganicBotanicals Pure Licorice is free of preservatives, artificial flavouring, colorants, added sugar, molasses and gluten.

Use OrganicBotanicals pure licorice as a palate cleaner, as a substitute for sugar or cigarette cravings, or if you have a tickle in your throat.

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